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Snowflake lets you interactively create recursive-descent parsers.

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Snowflake is licensed under the Apache 2.0 licence.

Snowflake is actually two projects in one, each of which are described below.

Part I: The Library

The library facilitates the creation of PEG-based recursive-descent parsers at runtime.

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Part II: The Graphical Grammar Editor (a.k.a. The Snowflake GUI)

The grammar editor provides you the ability to interactively develop PEG grammars. Specifically, upon entering a grammar and some input, you can immediately view the resulting parse-tree in browsable form.

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Part III: Downloadable Grammars

Part IV: Downloadable Projects - These projects include executable example programs. Note: You need to download the entire zip file. (Click File->Download)

Part V: Here are some other resources and links that may help you.